Life is too harsh to change your appearance🚬Depressing songs for depressed people ( sad music mix)

→ sad songs to cry to 3 hour mix
→sad Songs That Make You Cry 💔😢 3 hour mix
→ depressing songs for depressed people 3 hour mix
→ sad songs | sad music playlist | sad music playlist | depressing songs

I’m here to sate your desire for relaxing music, even if you’re feeling low. I offer a mixture of relaxing music and sad songs to help soothe your soul. You can listen to these songs when you want to cry or just feel the pain of the world.

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00:00 Snøw & Teqkoi – I never wanna lose you
02:28 Rnla – Save Me (ft. Resident)
05:06 INTRN, Beowulf – Lose A Friend (Lyrics)
08:25 Snøw & Teqkoi – I’m Not Enough And I’m Sorry (Lyrics)
10:42 towerz – there’s no need (ft. sosi)
14:06 Linkin Park – Numb (Cover by Dave Winkler)
17:43 Love Is Gone (SLANDER) cover by Arthur Miguel
20:46 Wildest Dream (Shalom Margaret Cover) – Lofi Remix
23:28 Someone You Loved (Shalom Margaret Cover) – Lofi Remix
26:06 belfa – late night thoughts (ft. kayli marie)
28:32 Billie Eilish – Ocean Eyes (Lo-Fi Remix)
32:43 Borns – Electric Love (Lo-Fi Remix)
34:51 david – i don’t care
38:51 BVG – i don’t know why you call (ft. Ben Hammersly)
41:40 Before You Go (BRGR Remix) – Emotional
45:18 Dandelions
48:12 Goodbye To A World
51:25 It’s You (feat. Emily Branca)
54:03 To The Bone (Lofi Remix ft. Hana Wilianto)
56:29 Ondi Vil – Goodnight (ft. ivri) – Chicago, Illinois
59:12 Ondi Vil x Neoplasma x Diza – next to you.webm

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