Loneliness for whom?💔😢Sad songs for you to make you feel better (sad music mix /slowed sad songs )

→ sad songs to cry to 3 hour mix
→sad Songs That Make You Cry 💔😢 3 hour mix
→ depressing songs for depressed people 3 hour mix
→ sad songs | sad music playlist | sad music playlist | depressing songs

Loneliness for whom. Everyone is lonely and everyone will be lonely eventually. Let’s try to have fun with our loved ones and family. Love yourself so much

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00:00 Dusk Till Dawn (feat. Samantha Harvey)
03:19 towerz – there’s no need (ft. sosi)
06:43 Rnla – My Heart Is Broken (ft. Aiko)
08:44 Linkin Park – Numb (Cover by Dave Winkler)
12:22 Oceans (Shalom Margaret Cover) – Lofi Remix
15:58 sadeyes – don’t cry (lyrics)
18:11 yaeow – i’m just a ghost
21:07 Elastic Heart – Lofi Remix
24:34 yaeow – the end (lyrics)
26:12 Someone You Loved (Shalom Margaret Cover) – Lofi Remix
28:50 Wildest Dream (Shalom Margaret Cover) – Lofi Remix
31:34 ORYL – I Need You (Official Lyric Video)
33:19 yaeow – far away from here
35:28 Uncover – Lofi Remix
38:26 Jar of Heart (but’s lofi)
41:02 Dandelions
43:55 Fasetya – Someone To You (feat. Shalom Margaret)
47:16 can you hear my voice
49:45 Get You The Moon (feat. Vict Molina)
53:04 Billie Eilish – Ocean Eyes (Lo-Fi Remix)
57:15 ghosthands solace lyrics
59:48 Past Lives (feat. Cassie Willson)

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