slowed sad songs to cry ~ Only memories remain.. (sad music mix playlist)

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🎧🎧Track list:
00:00 BVG – leila (feat. sinxi)
02:17 BVG & Tedy – tell me why you left
04:21 BVG x Ayh Okay – hold me
07:43 shae delea – the vein in black
09:59 shae delea – north of lake willow
12:25 shae delea – missing your wake
14:45 shae delea – ivory deathbed
16:46 shae delea – illusions shutter
18:46 Fasetya – Love Story (Shalom Margaret Cover) – Lofi Remix
22:39 Fasetya – Love Somebody (Shalom Margaret Cover) – Lofi Remix
25:05 Fasetya – all the kids are depressed (Shalom Margaret Cover) – Lofi Remix
27:16 Fasetya – Someone You Loved (Shalom Margaret Cover) – Lofi Remix

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