WAITING IS HAPPINESS…💔Depressing songs for depressed people ( sad music mix / slowed sad songs)

→ sad songs to cry to 3 hour mix
→sad Songs That Make You Cry 💔😢 3 hour mix
→ depressing songs for depressed people 3 hour mix
→ sad songs | sad music playlist | sad music playlist | depressing songs

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00:00 Snøw & Monty Datta – Say Goodbye
02:27 please never fall in love again — Ollie MN (lyrics)
04:56 yaeow – i’m just a ghost
07:53 sadeyes – don’t cry (lyrics)
10:06 Dandelions
12:59 Borns – Electric Love (Lo-Fi Remix)
15:08 ORYL – I Need You (Official Lyric Video)
16:53 Someone You Loved (Shalom Margaret Cover) – Lofi Remix
19:31 belfa – late night thoughts (ft. kayli marie)
21:57 Elastic Heart – Lofi Remix
25:22 Wildest Dream (Shalom Margaret Cover) – Lofi Remix
28:05 Pure Imagination-Cover by Angelo Javier [Lyrics]
29:26 Jar of Heart (but’s lofi)
32:01 Loving You Is A Losing Game (feat. Anisa Hadrita)
34:25 Uncover – Lofi Remix
37:22 u look happier (ft. Faith Precious)
40:45 yaeow – Town I Called My Home (Lyrics)
43:01 Hayd – happy ever after (demo)
46:29 ayleen valentine – I Dont Wanna Say Goodbye
48:16 can you hear my voice
50:44 fudasca – tell me what’s on your mind (ft. Resident)
53:14 It’s You (feat. Emily Branca)
55:52 Remember Me Happy.. 💔
58:09 Goodbye To A World

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