Would life be more comfortable?…Depressing songs for depressed people 😢 ( sad music mix )

→ sad songs to cry to 3 hour mix
→sad Songs That Make You Cry 💔😢 3 hour mix
→ depressing songs for depressed people 3 hour mix
→ sad songs | sad music playlist | sad music playlist | depressing songs

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🎧 Tracklist:
00:00 ondi vil – goodnight (ft. ivri)
02:43 Ondi Vil- leave me alone (ft. luciiniite)
04:51 Ondi Vil x Neoplasma x Diza – next to you
07:04 Zaini _ Dyslm – Hold On (ft. DNAKM)
09:59 shae delea – illusions shutter
11:55 Ondi Vil x Neoplasma x Gina Livia – demons
14:18 Monty Datta x Hinshi – Anxiety Arise
16:39 Monty Datta x Kehard – trust u
18:57 shae delea – the vein in black
21:08 Zaini – Party_s Over
23:07 Zaini – can you hear my voice
25:37 Zaini – don_t leave me here alone
28:03 Zaini – how do i get past this (ft. Vict Molina)
30:18 shae delea – missing your wake

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shae delea
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